Validated, multi-level competencies on demand

Developing competencies in-house isn’t practical or affordable for many small- to mid-sized businesses. HRSG’s competency dictionaries include validated, multi-level competencies that can support any competency-based initiative. Each dictionary is:

  • Based on a multi-level competency framework for optimal functionality
  • Designed to be used throughout the talent-management lifecycle
  • Easily customized to fit your organization’s unique goals and requirements
  • Developed and maintained by industrial-organizational psychologists
  • Industry-verified with input from subject-matter experts

Core competencies

Core competencies define, in behavioral terms, the key values and strengths that help an organization differentiate itself in a competitive marketplace. By connecting employee behaviors to organizational objectives, core competencies can help the entire workforce align its performance in support of common goals.  

Leadership competencies

HRSG’s leadership competencies capture the essence of powerful, effective leaders and translate it into measurable and observable behaviors. HRSG’s leadership competency framework enables you to build and customize a leadership blueprint based on transformational, business, and personal dimensions.

Guide to competency-based transformation leadership

Technical competencies

Technical competencies describe the application of knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively in a specific role or group of jobs in the organization. They are closely aligned with the knowledge and skills needed for successful performance in specialized fields such as IT, oil & gas, accounting, and many others.

Competency Dictionary

General competencies

General competencies describe the combination of abilities, motivations, and traits required to perform effectively in a wide range of jobs within the organization. Also known as soft skills, general competencies are an integral part of on-the-job success in virtually every context, every level, and every occupation.

Competency Dictionary