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How profiles help your competency initiative

Competency profiles give you a common language to apply to roles and positions across your organization, allowing you to measure whether an employee or candidate has the proficiency level needed to succeed.

They play an important role in effectively implementing a competency-based approach to hiring, performance management, succession and other HR activities. Check out this short video to learn more.

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HRSG Role Profiles

Role Profiles

Role profiles help you define and measure the key behavioral competencies that allow employees to succeed in different functions within your organization. If you’re implementing a competency-based approach, role profiles allow you to keep things simple as you look to streamline and improve your processes. Role profiles provide key competencies and proficiency levels needed for roles that can be applied across different departments in your company. As part of any competency-based approach, HRSG offers 50 pre-validated role profiles – a quick and easy way to get started with competencies right away.

HRSG Job Profiles

Job Profiles

Job profiles build on role profiles, providing a higher level of detail specific to each position in your organization. For example, while a role profile can define the competencies required for an administrative role, a job profile is tailored to specific positions such as bookkeeper, or HR Administrative Assistant. Job profiles are the best way to define the level of proficiency needed for technical competencies, and whether an employee or job candidate meets the proficiency level needed for the role. HRSG offers pre-validated, ready-to-go job profiles for specific positions in the fields of accounting and finance, business operations, human resources, information technology (IT), marketing and sales.

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